To Sign Up for a Group

To signup, contact the facilitator of the group that you are interested in. If you do not hear back within 3-4 days then please contact

Please download and fill out a registration form and a contract to give to the facilitator.

PlacementDescriptionDay / TimeGroup SizeFacilitator
Cootes Cleanup: Stewards of Cootes WatershedConduct clean ups to ensure the health and biodiversity of the Cootes Watershed while also researching the causes of creek contamination. Assist with advocacy by engaging with government, businesses, policy makers, and residents in the vicinity of the affected areas. Work towards improving the resiliency of your local environment. Note: moderate physical work required in outdoor conditions.Sun 1:00pm - 4:15pm20Muhammad Hassan (
Dr. Davey Breakfast and Nutrition Program: Dr. J.E. Davey Elementary SchoolAssist with food prep for nutrition and breakfast programs. Engage children in positive conversation during breakfast, teaching respect, playing games.Wed 7:45am - 9:30am8Dhruvika (
Thurs 7:45am - 9:30am8Roland (
LAF Drop-in Afterschool Program : Welcome Inn Community CentreInteract and play games during a drop in program for students of the LAF program.Fri 2:50pm - 5:30pm12Genevieve (, Nicole (
LAF(Learning and Fun): Welcome Inn Community CentreWork with at-risk kids in small groups and one-on-one using creative and fun tools to assist with financial literacy activities, homework completion, and social skills. Help facilitate activities and programming for students from Grades 1-8. A strong proficiency in English is required by volunteers.Mon 2:50pm - 5:30pm15Ariel (, Erika (
Tues 2:50pm - 5:30pm15Yechan (, Mohammad (
Wed 2:50pm - 5:30pm15Parsa (, Yi (
Thurs 2:50pm - 5:30pm15Emilie (, Seyed Amirhossein (
Pathways to Education: North Hamilton Community Health CentreTutor high school students through homework assignments, studying, social engagement and conversation. A strong proficiency in English is required by volunteers.Tues 4:30pm - 7:35pm5Hui Yu (
Thurs 4:30pm - 7:35pm5Justin (
YOUth Create (Afterschool Program): HARRRPHelp facilitate an afterschool program for youth in grades 6-8, with activities such as crafts, sports, cooking, and local trips. Act as a positive role model, friend and mentor to the youth.Thurs 3:00pm - 5:45pm8Carleigh (;